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Uvara and the clothing of its people

Though Lacrimosa City is the hub of technological progression, its citizens still take the time to allow their wardrobes to be just as much of a reflection of their personalities as their meticulously customized tech gauntlets. That said, their outfits tend to lean more towards a 'decorated pragmatism'. The oil slick machine shops or flooded steam labyrinths beneath the city make things like boots or breathable fabric somewhat mandatory, but this will not deter Lacrimosians from seeking out unique cuts or patterns to express themselves with.

Because the Uros region is the agricultural heart of the Uvaran continent, clothing choices are considered with practicality and repairability first, but will find ways to add a personal touch to their outfits. Hard labor usually takes too great of a toll on clothes to justify saturated or vivid dyes, but items like straps, bands, or edgework are often the go-to places to give otherwise bland pieces a colorful flair. From the high fashion evening wear of Rachwyn, the Uvara District of Commerce, to the more comfortable tunics or thick mountain wear seen further out in the continent, clothing styles can vary greatly and will often cross pollinate to develop a new style altogether. Lacrimosian fashion, for example, has its roots across the seas owing its more formal elements to the aristocricy of Argentum that had launched the first expeditions into the untamed forests.

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