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A Collaborative Vision

What we envision for Asyle is a place where anyone and everyone can get lost in a world full of adventure, exploration, and story. Join us in a land rich with life and exciting new people and critters to befriend!



Kevin Pillow

Chief Technology Officer of ArxTec

If it has a power cable and Sera can break it then it falls within his domain. Kevin has worked on application and game development for nearing a decade and has brought every skill and bad habit from this experience to the table for Asyle.


Seraphael Flamel

Chief Content Officer of ArxTec

If you can see it, hear it, or interact with it in any way, there's a good chance that he's had his hands on it. Seraphael operates as both a creator and curator for the assets used, and probably more importantly, a reasonably effective rubber duck.


Integra Sinclair

Marketing Director & Writer

Integra spends the majority of her time interpreting her fever dreams into usable content and the rest of her time trying to explain them to Kevin and Sera.


Nick King

Sound Technician & Composer

Nick is a creative fireball who lives and breathes music. He has studied a variety of artistic disciplines, instruments and styles of music from around the globe, and hopes to make your adventure through Asyle as captivating for your ears as it is for your eyes!

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