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Introducing the waddie! Asyle's very own woodworking menace

The waddie is a rodent that thrives in any fertile body of water on the continent of Uvara. Their powerful tails and thick fur keep them warm in prolonged periods of swimming, and offer protection against larger creatures that would see them as prey. Waddies are infamous for their impulsive desire to break and splinter wood with their powerful teeth to build their dens in and along shorelines. Clever folks who are determined to deter waddies from destroying their fruit trees, homes, or fences, will often spray nontoxic bittering agents onto vulnerable surfaces which will give it an extremely unpleasant taste. Other times, someone may simply leave a tree needing to be removed conveniently accessible to the woods, or even decorated with offerings of overripe fruit to encourage the curiosity of these determined architects. See them for yourself at our petting zoo!

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