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Hamidraya, the serene custodians of life

Hamidraya are the enigmatic stewards of nature whose presence has influenced cultures from all over Asyle. They take many forms, and their temperaments and goals vary as widely as their shapes. In Uvara, the hamidraya are peaceful, generous, playful, and serene, and will often be found tending to flourishing groves. In Brispor, they are large, stoic, inscrutable and wise, and are treated less like the benevolent hosts of Uvara and more like walking forces of nature. In Argentum and Sanga, however, they are monstrous and feral creatures that are avoided at all costs. Different as the relationship between humans and hamidraya may be across the world, the common thread is that they have historically had an immense connection with the land and the people who occupy them and only the most foolish would seek to harm that.

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