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Capravult, Now vs Then

The capravult has a bit of a silly origin. While sitting at a lovely tea shop in Northampton reviewing story elements and zoa designs with Integra, she was compelled by a sudden inspiration. After pitching the concept to me, I sat there dumbfounded at the words she used to describe the creature. It was something along the lines of "a goat, but it has hands and walks hunched forward on two legs with split hoof-toes". In an effort to make it look less like some kind of burglar Baphomet and more like an actual animal, I offered that it would likely need a larger tail to counterbalance the weight from the front. She accepted the compromise and I pulled out my tablet to whip up a sketch. While pulling up my sketching program, I asked her again, looking to clarify her ridiculous request "let me get this straight, you basically want a goat... dinosaur?" to which she enthusiastically confirmed. I began sketching the vague shape of a goats head and asked "...with horns... and hands... and gross little slit shaped goat pupils?" and was responded to with a bright smile and nod. So I sarcastically sketched out her vision as literally as I could, making sure to match her details verbatim so she could see the ridiculousness of her request. She loved it and named it "sweet-ums", adopting it immediately.

Fast forward a few years and "sweet-ums" has changed a little bit from the original concept to something a bit more fitting to the environment it will be premiered in, giving it friendlier features and more expressive eyes. It gained the name "capravult" from the desire to have them be as mischievous as goats, escaping their pens regularly through athletic prowess. It may have strayed a bit from the original sarcastic drawing, but not all regions of Asyle are as cutesy as Uros, and like on Earth, you can find lots of closely related species all over the world. So who knows, maybe we'll still get to see this... thing... gross little slit shaped goat pupils and all.

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