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A look through the history of Asyle's bracer technology

The earliest forms of bracer technology. Though it is still widely popular where prototyping and iteration is commonplace, these designs have been relegated to enthusiasts.

A magazine ad showcasing the maturity of the technology into the commercial space to style-centric designs which feature less customization in exchange for user experience.

A recent ad for Sonedai's latest iteration in their line. The rarity of activated aetherite has been leveraged as a mark of luxury, and the design and materials chosen reflects this.


Aether, a mysterious foreign gaseous substance that in its most common form gathers in large wispy clouds in the sky, has been the keystone to powering all manner of machines across Asyle. Ever since its discovery on the peaks of Mount Lacrima, it has single-handedly fueled a technological revolution. Starting in Lacrimosa City, the bracer has been a staple technology that has become so commonplace, nearly every citizen carries one for the endlessly configurable utility it offers. In its crudest form, a bracer is simply a sturdy platform on which technology is mounted. In more commercial endeavors, the major components have been modularized and (somewhat) standardized so that bracers can be more easily configured to suit the wearers needs. While heavy duty bracers exist for construction and industrial use, the more commonly seen utilization has been as a personal communication device and as identification, though that hasn't stopped some of the more creative types from modifying them to perform all sorts of wondrous and/or downright dangerous things.

While the bracers themselves have seen many jumps in efficient and compact design, the biggest limiting factor is simply that aether, as a gas, is too dangerous to keep compressed at the pressures that would facilitate smaller canister sizes. Some "hoseless" variants have small volume tanks built in which require regular refilling, but because operation time can vary based on the load being placed on it, this design is usually reserved for entry or children's models whose needs are extremely minimal.

Aetherite forms in crystalline structures when aether is present at high concentrations, but can only be utilized at a partial efficiency when compared to gas. In spite of its limitations, research has gone into the optimization of utilizing Aetherite as a more compact alternative, but at present requires larger laboratories to even extract usable power from it. Very recently, however, a process for "activating" the aetherite to a more reactive state has begun to surface and both Sonedai and Norgo Laboratories, rival tech giants of the industry, have raced to develop its utilization. While Norgo Labs has focused more on research and development, Sonedai has opted to commercialize it at its infancy, in an effort to fund and organically mature the technology through product iteration.

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