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Seared Bannerfin, how to prepare one of Rachwyn's more popular dishes!

Seared bannerfin is a popular dish in any waterfront town that has access to large volumes of the meat. While it can be prepared in many different ways, natives welcome creative new recipes that offer a new take on an otherwise very familiar dish. This recipe comes from the higher end eateries around Rachwyn, where the local commerce offers an abundance of variety in ingredients.

On the ingredients:

Bannerfin - The bannerfin fish is a species local to the Uvara region and is a large meaty predator that will corral smaller prey schools with the help of its own school. Species of it can be found in both salt water and large fresh water bodies.

Nestberry - A fruit that grows native to Uvara in small grassy nests. It has a sweet and floral flavor with citrus notes and can be eaten raw or pressed for juice.

Umu Pepper - Largely popular in the Uros region, the umu pepper is sweet, tangy, and hot with a strong bitter bite.

Garuga Nut - Not actually a nut, but the husk of the garuga plant’s fruit which was left to dry on the vine. It has a lingering and permeating smoky taste, and is usually used whole, as grinding the large seed inside will result in a harsh bitter taste.

Tagori - A smaller variety of bulb root hailing from Lumai. It is much sweeter and less harsh than larger bulb roots and is used in recipes calling for a more delicate flavor.

Speargrass - A small but strongly aromatic variety of bulb root originating in Uros. Since its discovery by the Uvara settlers, it has become such a popular commodity that it can be found in recipes all over the world.

Sanctarbor - Twigs harvested from the Sanctarbor tree in the Argentum region of Straz. Traditionally, its rich, sweet, spicy smell was believed to have healing properties and would be placed in masks. Nowadays, it is used to spice drinks, desserts, and any dish that can benefit from its unique taste.

Glimmerfish - Popular for their strong but savory taste, this small fish is used with dried kelp to make the base for many savory stocks. One can buy them in flaked/ground form, or purchase small individually packaged bags that can be steeped to make the stock.

Biteberry - Originally from the Aurum region of Straz, these small red berries with a golden shine are dried and ground over food to give them an additional kick of flavor. They were popularized by the heavy use of invading Aurum soldiers on campaigns who boasted the exclusivity of the spice. Eventually their strong imperial presence around Straz, global commerce, and loose grip on the plants led to this “highly exclusive” seasoning finding its way around the globe.

Urlik Root - A hardy root from Brispor that grows well in its harsh environments with less sunlight. It is mostly flavorless, but has a mild spicy bite and a crunchy texture that accepts other flavors well.

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