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Combat Preview!

For Asyle, we've taken a unique approach for keeping battle engaging. We know off the bat that we didn't want to repeat a turn based formula, and wanted to take a risk with something new. What we ended up with is a sort of reverse-cooldown where abilities are charged up before they can be used, this causes the player to choose how they invest their time, as only one ability can be charged at a time. Do you spend your time charging a really heavy attack or break up the long wind up time with quicker abilities to keep them at bay? Maybe you charge all of them at around the same rate and unleash an assault of successive attacks? We think the design space for this style of combat is rich for exploration. By default, zoa will attack each other with their auto-attacks and await instruction from their partner and won't use any of its abilities or try to dodge an oncoming attack unless otherwise told. It is up to the player, their partner in battle, to tell them what the best attack for the given situation is, and to warn them if the opponent is readying a devastating blow. In our experiences, this style of combat isn't something that we had seen before, and so we venture into it with cautious optimism. Please let me know what you think, and if you can see any ways to make it more exciting!

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